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Learn to Speak English at Wits Language School in Johannesburg, South Africa

Wits Language School is one of the top language schools in South Africa. We have successfully taught thousands of students from all over the world to speak, read and write English. The English as a Foreign Language courses run full-time over seven weeks and include up to 160 contact hours. Our courses are taught by qualified mother-tongue teachers and are designed for you to get the most out of your stay in South Africa.

Our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun. By practising day-to-day conversation you will build your vocabulary and understanding of English. Our professional and friendly environment will also enhance your learning experience, enabling you to work towards your language goals.

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IELTS preparation course

Kindly note the IELTS preparation course has now been incorporated into the Advanced (Level 6) EFL course.

Learning English in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country with great weather, world-class facilities and natural beauty. It is often referred to as the Rainbow Nation as it is made up of diverse, colourful and unique cultures that are celebrated and that come together as one nation. When you come to South Africa and register for an English as a Foreign Language course, you will be exposed to our rich culture and heritage.

Learning to speak English in South Africa will also provide you with an opportunity to visit some of our legendary attractions such as the Kruger National Park, Cradle of Humankind, Sun City, Table Mountain in Cape Town, to mention a few. As you set off on your adventures you can practise the English that you have learned.

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Learn to speak English in South Africa

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EduSA - the national association of quality English language centres in South Africa. Members of EduSA must meet guaranteed minimum standards of professionalism and quality.

SAYTC - the South African Youth Travel Confederation. SAYTC markets South Africa globally as a preferred youth tourism destination. All members are accredited and must follow SAYTC guidelines.