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Visiting South Africa

This section gives you basic information about studying at Wits Language School - accommodation, transport, visa requirements and tours.


We arrange accommodation for full time students taking the English as a Foreign Language course, as well as students who are doing short courses with our other units. Students can choose between homestays with host families, guest houses or bed and breakfasts.

There are a range of host families close to the school. We make sure that the accommodation is suitable by visiting the homes and checking them on a regular basis. We also arrange letters for proof of residence – one of the requirements for visa applications.

Contact Frederika Baxter for any accommodation queries.


In order to ensure the safety of our students, Wits Language School has its own bus and designated driver. Selected homestays are based close to the School and thus students may have access to daily transport using the Wits Language School bus. Alternatively, the host family that you will be staying with will transport you to the School daily. Transport arrangements for other types of accommodation can be arranged.

You will need to book your own flights to South Africa but should you require transport from the airport we would be happy to arrange it. Transport costs are at your own expense.

Contact Frederika Baxter for more information.

Study visas

Visa applications

Please be advised that we cannot apply for visas on behalf of students. This needs to be done at the country that the student is coming from. However, the school can supply you with all the documentation you need to support your visa application. These include:

  • Letter of acceptance
    Once you have paid and registered, your letter of acceptance allowing you to study at the Wits Language School will be emailed to you and a hard copy will be held at the school for your attention.
  • South African medical insurance (if applying for a study visa)
    If you wish to study in South Africa for longer than 3 months, by law you must apply for South African medical insurance. We advise you on appropriate options by email, and will arrange the insurance once you have paid for the insurance and sent us a proof of payment.
  • Medical clearance
    All embassies require radiology clearance and xrays before medical insurance and visas are issued.

Meeting people

Wits University has its own extensive selection of sports clubs and groups where you will meet fellow students who share your interests.

Banks and banking

Here is information on banks and banking in South Africa.Host families and administrative staff can also assist you in this regard.

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EduSA - the national association of quality English language centres in South Africa. Members of EduSA must meet guaranteed minimum standards of professionalism and quality.

SAYTC - the South African Youth Travel Confederation. SAYTC markets South Africa globally as a preferred youth tourism destination. All members are accredited and must follow SAYTC guidelines.