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Learn to speak French at Wits Language School in Johannesburg

Wits Language School offers part-time courses in French. In addition to the lure of ‘Paris in the spring’ and French ‘cuisine’, the increasing business opportunities between South Africa and Francophone African countries provide considerable reason for individuals and corporate clients to learn or improve their French. There is no doubt that speaking French broadens opportunities in the areas of travel, work and study.

French is one of the most popular language courses at Wits Language School. Whether for business, personal, social or cultural reasons, French is an excellent language to learn as it is widely spoken throughout Africa, and is the national language in twenty-two African countries.

Our courses are aimed at adults and focus on language that you can use in everyday conversation. The best way to learn French is through speaking. Our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun! We offer courses to individuals, companies and government; in group sessions or as private tuition.

Contact Us today and learn to speak French!

Why Learn French?

If you still aren’t sure why you should learn to speak French, here are some more reasons:
  • French is the official language of 29 countries around the world.
  • French is an official language of all United Nations agencies.
  • French is the mother tongue of an estimated 110 million people.
  • About 190 million people around the world speak French as a second language.

Whether you are learning to speak French to enhance your career, for travel purposes or for personal enrichment, Wits Language School is your language school of choice. Contact us today!

 Learn to Speak French