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Portuguese - Testimonials

'Isabel has really changed how I approach and learn Portuguese. I tried multiple resources and it was really difficult. Best thing I did was attend her classes. '

Paul Bowen

'Wits Language School provides a professional environment to study languages. It has been a delight to study through this institution as it provides a good foundation to build on. Not only is grammar covered at length but other fundamentals important to retain the language are also provided. I would recommend this institution to all looking to expand their language horizons. '


'Wits Language School is a well organized institution. I am doing the Portuguese class and am enjoying the structure and interaction in the classes. Our teacher is very experienced, patient and articulate. I look forward to mastering Portuguese and even learning another language through the language school. '

Maree Samuels

'The lessons are interactive and provide more than just ‘parrot-fashion’ learning. History and culture are brought into the lesson to assist in understanding and learning of the language. '


'The teaching is made exciting by not just reading from a textbook – you learn much more than you bargained for!'


'I was incredibly hesitant to commit to starting up a new language but had always wanted to learn my father’s language. WLS made the job of committing all that easier with their timeous and helpful responses to all my questions and making the registration process quick and painless.'

Brandon Almeida

'I was impressed by the new facilities having studied at WLS before. It is convenient to arrive as WLS is located opposite the M1 Empire off ramp. The Portuguese lessons are invigorating and it is fun to learn.'

Andreas Scherer

'The lecturers are so professional. The material offered by WLS is easy to follow and really helps the students. I would recommend WLS to anyone who is thinking of learning a foreign language. The fees for the foreign languages are very affordable. It is money well spent.'


'Good balance between learning grammar and practice. The sessions are very interactive allowing students to practice their new skills.'

Adius Ncube

'The courses are presented in an easy to understand and methodical manner. Isabel is a great tutor and there is plenty of time spent on helping with individual progress. The size of the classes are good, one does not feel intimidated and is conducive to a great learning experience.'

Garth Albasini

'Language School is brilliant. I didn’t think I would learn Portuguese so quickly. Our teacher (Isabel) is brilliant and patient and a very good teacher.Thank you!'

Bennie Booysen

'Wits Language School is filled with friendly and helpful people and I was taken aback by the facilities.Our professor Jorge ensures that our lessons are not only informative but fun.'

Kimberley Hiepner